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Fine Jewelry

Fine Jewelry for Men & Women in Highland, Illinois

A stunning piece of jewelry can say a lot to your spouse or loved one. Whether you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate or a unique watch or necklace for a close friend, Lee’s Fine Jewelry in Highland, IL is the top-rated place in the Metro East for affordable fine jewelry selections. Each one of our pieces is hand-selected through our name brand manufacturers, who know just what our clients are looking for. Browse through our elegant showrooms for watches, diamonds, sterling jewelry, and even unique rings and accessories for men. Our staff is here to help you find the perfect piece for you or your special someone.

Timex watches for men and women - Highland, IL


Looking for a practical way to create a styled look? Watches are a great accessory for both men and women that provide the convenience of keeping track of time while building confidence as it pulls together a carefully crafted outfit. Lee’s Fine Jewelry has an entire showcase of stunning wristwatches. From sleek metal designs to vintage classics, our boutique offers a range of metal and leather watch options for you or your loved one. Stop by today to find the perfect watch that will be treasured for years to come.


Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth, which means your diamond jewelry is guaranteed to withstand a lifetime of use without so much as a scratch or crack. This remarkable stone is the number one used material when crafting engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and several other jewelry accessories. At Lee’s Fine Jewelry in Highland, IL, we carry the finest cuts of diamond with pristine clarity to choose for your special someone. Visit our boutique to browse through our diamond showcase.

various diamond jewelry, earrings, rings, necklace - Highland, IL
sterling jewelry - Lee's Fine Jewelry - Highland, IL

Sterling Jewelry

Sterling jewelry is made of high-quality silver and is considered a luxury around the world. Not only is sterling jewelry a quarter of the price of gold, but it is just as beautiful, making it a perfect choice for your loved one without the high price tag. Lee’s Fine Jewelry in the Metro East supplies a wide range of designer sterling jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more that are a wonderful selection for any special occasion. Browse through our current collections to find a sterling jewelry piece that is truly unique.

Fashion Jewelry

There is no better way to bring an outfit together than by including stunning pieces of jewelry. From gemstone rings and diamond necklaces to eye catching earrings and watches, fashion jewelry is something both men and women have been drawn towards for decades. At Lee’s Fine Jewelry, we are proud to offer fine jewelry options from our name brand manufacturers that specialize in high-end metalwork. Find a timeless piece that complements any outfit and is truly unique to your personal collection.

fashion jewelry with colorful gemstones - Lee's Fine Jewelry - Highland, IL
unique estate jewelry - Lee's Fine Jewelry - Highland, IL

Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is a term used for accessories that include intricate designs and metalwork while often incorporating gemstones and unique craftsmanship. While estate jewelry is previously owned, this does not interfere with the quality of our pieces at Lee’s Fine Jewelry in Highland, IL. Our showcases offer unique and vintage estate jewelry that is truly one of a kind for your special someone. Whether you’re looking to invest in stunning estate jewelry or sell pieces of your own, our boutique is here to help.

Men's Jewelry

Stunning jewelry is not just accessible to women. At Lee’s Fine Jewelry, we offer several high-end collections of men’s rings, watches, chains, and other accessories to our Metro East clients. Whether you’re looking for unique pieces to wear with every outfit or a sentimental piece for a man in your life, our boutique offers a range of men’s jewelry options to choose from. Browse through our gold, silver, and platinum jewelry options that will upgrade your style.

Male jewelry - black and white image of man in suit with expensive watch - Lee's Fine Jewelry - Highland, IL

And More!

Inspirational Jewelry

Shop our large collection of gold and sterling silver crosses as well as other inspirational jewelry.  Our large selection makes gift giving easy.  We sell  religious medals as well as rosaries.  Stop by to shop our large collection of inspirational jewelry

Family Jewelry

Stop by & shop our selection of family jewelry.  Whether you need a custom mother’s ring, grandma pendant, or personalized bracelet, we have you covered.  We carry Mommy Chic from Berco & “Ones We Love” by Kelly Waters.

Children's Jewelry

Lee’s can take care of the entire family.  We also carry Kiddie Kraft Jewelry.  Kiddie Kraft manufactures baby and children’s jewelry and sterling gifts. We have a nice selection in our store, but can order the perfect piece for you as well.


We have a large selection of incredible Silver handcrafted Rembrandt Charms.  We also have a catalog of many many more styles as well as gold options.  Charm bracelets are back in style and make the perfect gift for that special someone.