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Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair & Wedding Ring Resizing in Highland, Illinois

When your favorite piece of jewelry needs professional repair, Lee’s Fine Jewelry in Highland, IL is the go-to boutique for Metro East locals due to our years of experience in the business. Our specialists offer high-end jewelry restoration services from watch and necklace repair to ring resizing for your wedding band or family heirloom. Our boutique uses trusted technology in the business to examine and restore your precious metals back to their original state. Whether the metal on your necklace has deteriorated or your engagement ring is just a bit too loose, you can count on us to provide affordable and reliable jewelry repair services to your meaningful pieces.

The hands of the jeweler who put the finger ring on the client's hand. Jeweler checks looks the size of the ring - Highland, IL

Resizing services

Being gifted a piece of jewelry is an exciting moment that will be remembered forever. If you notice right away that your ring, necklace, or bracelet is too big or too small of a size for you or your loved one, don’t worry! Lee’s Fine Jewelry in the Metro East offers accurate and affordable ring sizing services for our southern Illinois clients. We have resized hundreds of engagement rings, wedding bands, and even necklaces to make them the perfect size or length for your loved one.

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Fashion Rings
  • Anniversary Rings
  • Watches
  • Necklaces

Watch Repair

Watches are extremely delicate pieces of jewelry that, when broken, require professional care to restore it to its original state. If you notice that your watch has stopped ticking or the metal clasp at the back of the watch has broken or cracked, bring your piece into Lee’s Fine Jewelry located in the Metro East area. Our staff has several years of experience providing watch repair services to a range of modern and vintage designs. To have your watch inspected before repair, bring it into our shop today.

Watchmaker repair mechanical watches. Gears repair. Watch repair process - Highland, IL
Jewelry repair saphire and diamond necklace repaired - Highland, IL

Necklace Repair

If your necklace has been crafted with a weak chain or has been subject to years of natural wear and tear, eventually, a repair may be needed. Whether you have a diamond necklace that is missing a stone or a gold or silver chain that has broken clasps, Lee’s Fine Jewelry offers professional jewelry repair services. At our boutique in the Highland, IL area, our specialists use high-quality tools to inspect and provide intricate repairs to necklaces of all lengths, styles, and materials.

Bracelet Repair

When a beloved piece of jewelry breaks, one of the first instincts many people have is to throw it away or set it aside, never to be worn again. At Lee’s Fine Jewelry, we specialize in bracelet repair services to have your piece looking and functioning like new again. Our jewelry specialists are experienced in repairing broken chains and clasps or replacing missing stones. We use high-end repair equipment to safely examine and restore your sentimental bracelets and chains.

jeweler repairing clasp of gold bracelet - Highland, IL